Becoming a Women Coder - An Erasmus+ Project

Publication Date: Jan 06, 2021

We are looking for Women who retrained in the ICT Sector
My name is Juanita Muscat and I work at AcrossLimits as an EU Project Manager.  We currently form part of a consortium that has been awarded a new Erasmus+ project with the name BWC  – “Becoming a Woman Coder”.  This project aims at encouraging women with a low level of education or a low paid job to take on a developer’s or ICT related career through following of short courses of coding to develop the necessary skill and be able to enter the developer/coder market.
As part of the project, every partner country is being asked to interview 10 females who have gone through this course of action.  All interview data will be used for a report, while a maximum of 4 interviews from each country will be used as video testimonials that will be uploaded on the project website.  These testimonials should serve as an encouragement to other females that might need a little motivation to shift their career goals towards coding and improve their general standard of living.  Ideally, the testimonials should come from women that had a low-level job and improved their career through coding or ICT courses.  I understand this could be difficult to find in Malta as most commonly people doing development would have progressed through a diploma or degree in their young age.  So we are open also to acquire testimonials from female ICT specialists in general.
Anyone interested in being interviewed should contact me on​ by 22nd January as all interviews need to be conducted by 29th January.