Amazon Web Services Training

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services offers you, courses in digital skills in English, classified by subject. To enrol in the courses that interest you, you must register​ on the Amazon Web Services page and create your user profile.

Subjects Courses Offered

AWS Analytics Services Overview
Introduction to AWS Data Pipeline
Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications​

AWS Application Services Overview​
Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB​​
Introduction to Amazon Simple Workflow​
Introduction to AWS Step Function
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
Network Ninja to Cloud Ninja​​
AWS Cost
Introduction to AWS Billing and Cost Management
Big Data Big Data Technology Fundamentals Online​
Introduction to AWS Marketplace​
Introduction to Skill Concepts
Job Roles in the Cloud
Designing for Conversation​
Compute AWS Compute Services Overview
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Conatiner Service
Introduction to AWS Auto Scaling
Introduction to AWS Lambda​
Introduction to Conatiners​
Database Amazon Redshift Service Introduction
Amazon RDS Service Introduction​
Amazon DynamoDB Service Introduction​
Amazon Dynamo Document Introduction​
Amazon Aurora Service Introduction
Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB​
Deep Dive into DocumentDB​
Building Highly Connected Applications using Amazon Neptune
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) Service Introduction​
AWS Development Tools Services Overview
Introduction to Amazon GameLift​​
Game Tech Getting Started with AWS Game Tech​
AWS Game Tech Starter Pack
Amazon Gamelift Primer
Amazon Lumberyard Primer
Why Analytics for Games​
Internet of
Things (IOT)
AWS IoT: Visual Walkthrough
IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding a Raspberry Pi using Raspbian​
IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to AWS Greengrass​
Introduction to AWS IoT​
Introduction to AWS IoT Analytics 
Introduction to AWS IoT Device Management​​
Internet of Things Foundation Series​
Some Really Good Practices for IoT Operations​
Conversation Primer: Machine Learning Terminology​​
Demystifying AI/ML/DL
Exploring the Machine Learning Toolset​​
Introduction to AWS Machine Learning Services
Machine Learning for Business Challenges
What is Deep Learning?
What is Machine Learning?​
and Governance
AWS Well-Architected Training​​
Introduction to AWS Management Console
Introduction to AWS Service Catalog
Introduction to Cloud Adoption Framework​​
Media Services Introduction to AWS Media Services​
Understanding Live Streaming Workflows​​
Migration and
From Migration to Modernization: Discover, plan, and migrate a monolith to ECS and Fargate with the help of Application Discovery and no code changes
Lessons Learned: Migrating Oracle to Amazon Aurora​​
Security AWS Security Fundamentals
AWS Shared Responsibility Models​
Severless ​Introduction to Serverless Development​
Getting into the Serverless Mindset​​
Storage Getting Started with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)​
Introduction to Backup and Restore with AWS​​