Ascend Consulting

Course Name

Survey of perceptions amongst students and educators on attractiveness and pursuit of digital careers by girls in Malta

Target Group / Theme

Girls & Teachers

Course dates

October - November 2021

Course Content 

​This proposed activity is following upon the 2020 Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta, particularly by initiating two of the recommended actions in the Roadmap ahead, i.e. those referring to surveys of digital careers attractiveness amongst students and educators.  

1. Increasing the proportion of women in the ICT sector, by

2. Instilling an interest by girls in ICT and STEM subjects, Identifying and pointing out areas in which educators need upskilling,

9. Increasing awareness of gender bias issues among educators.

The main steps in implementing this Women in Digital awareness-raising activity will be:

  1. Develop and run a questionnaire-based survey of perceptions on and attitudes towards digital careers amongst girl students at secondary school level in Malta. The focus on secondary school level is due to this being the age when study and career path choices are typically being crystallised and made.

  2. Develop and run a questionnaire-based survey of perceptions of secondary school educators (female and male) about their girl students’ interest in digital studies and careers, as well as on their own teaching/guidance abilities and attitude in this sense.

  3. Analyse the findings of the survey amongst girl students on one hand, and of educators on the other hand.

  4. Prepare a draft summary of findings.

  5. Organise an online focus group workshop with educators (female and male) to validate the outcome of the questionnaire-based survey and complement that with further qualitative input. The platform earmarked to be used in this sense is Microsoft Teams.

  6. Prepare final summary of findings of the survey of perceptions.