Deborah De Oliveira Automation Developer - Ascent Software

Ingrid Camilleri Technical Projects Manager - Go PLC

Giannella Borg Information Security Engineer, Leo vegas

Claudine Cassar Technology and Digital Leader Director, Deloitte

Annalise Duca Freelancer, Creative Business System Analyst, Team Lead

Pam Calleja - Project Leader, Ascent Software

Katia Bonello - Project Manager Cyber Security Programme, MITA

Anna Papa Intern (Erasmus +)

Anamaria Magri Pantea Managing Consultant

Elizabeth Olivieri Project Manager, MITA.

Dr Michelle Gialanze President at Women Directors in Malta

Angele Giuliano Entrepreneur Across Limits

Claudia Borg and Vanessa Camilleri Lecturers at the University of Malta

Maria Mercieca Services Clerk, FITA