Women in ICT Bootcamp

Women in ICT Bootcamp

In 2019 Malta was one of 26 countries that signed a declaration titled Women in Digital Declaration, to encourage women to play an active and prominent role in the digital and technology sectors. In line with this, the eSkills Malta Foundation strives to be one of the leaders in Malta for encouraging girls and woman to consider a digital career. Malta will work closely with the public and private sectors and civil society to achieve equality in tech. One of the main national concerns is the participation of certain groups in society, both for the participation in the ICT industry and for having access to equal opportunities in taking advantage of the digital opportunities.  The Foundation feels a certain responsibility to try to address this matter.  The Foundation works hard to make Malta’s digital economy contribution more effective to women and increase participation in the Digital industry or digital-related industry by girls and women.

In 2020 the Foundation organised a series of online events targetting females from different groups.   The events included digital skills sessions, short courses, workshops and similar activities.  The events were aimed at Girls (Ages 15 – 24), Women (24 and over), Female Teachers, Girls and women with special needs, Females Not in Training and Employment, Female employers and self-employed.   Fifteen events were held between October 2020 and December 2020.  All the events were well attended by females of all ages, some of the events were also oversubscribed.  This encourages the Foundation to continue organising and promoting such initiatives.  The Foundation will continue in its work to reduce digital gaps and looks forward to supporting and collaborating with the respective stakeholders to bring Malta further amongst the elite in Europe. ​

Learn to code with Python

Learn to Code with Python 
This coding session was carried out by ICE Malta sponsored by the eSkills Malta Foundation. It targeted female employers and female self-employed. Twenty Five females attended thus gaining an essential skill set that helps with more effective communication with their teams.  These new-found skills will also help to enhance their business. 

Design and code a website

Design and Code a Web site
Seven sessions were carried out by Annalise Duca sponsored by the eSkills Malta Foundation.  The sessions targeted girls aged 15 – 24.  The sessions included an introduction to the design and coding aspects when creating a website that can be either used for blogging or to sell something.

Bridging the Gender gap

Ascend Consulting held a series of 4 online webinars which were sponsored by eSkills Malta Foundation.  The webinars encouraged women and girls to take on ICT.  The themes of the webinars were: Education and Training; Applying for Jobs; Building a Business and Career Advancement​.

Principles of Social Media

Principles of Social Media
This session sponsored by eSkills Malta Foundation was carried out by PWC and targeted female teachers.  The course was suitable for those who either work or are interested in social media and digital marketing.

Attractiveness Digital Careers Data Science girls in ICT

Attractiveness of Digital Careers webinar
This webinar was sponsored by eSkills Malta Foundation and carried out by Data Science Malta.The webinar targeted female teens and their parents.  The webinar was made up of talks by various professionals in various fields together with the guidance teachers.