Women in ICT Ambassadors

​Marthese Vassallo - Lead Consultant – Risk and Compliance​ RSM

 Lara Brockdorff -  Computing Science student and Development Intern

Janice Mangion - Radio Networks System Engineer at Vodafone Malta​​

Olivia Cortis - ICT Officer - Information Management Unit​

Ruth Micallef - Senior Engineer at Vodafone Malta​

Jean Marie Mifsud - Technical Specialist at Malta Communications Authority ​

Erica Tanti - Software Engineer at Casumo​

Paula Vella - System Engineer at Vodafone Malta​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Doriana Cristina - Senior Executive Billing Operations at Vodafone Malta ​

Alison Shaw - Senior Lecturer at MCAST​

Deborah De Oliveira Automation Developer - Ascent Software​

Ingrid Camilleri Technical Projects Manager - Go PLC​

Giannella Borg Information Security Engineer, Leo Vegas​

Claudine Cassar Technology and Digital Leader Director, Deloitte

Annalise Duca Freelancer, Creative Business System Analyst, Team Lead​

Pam Calleja - Project Leader, Ascent Software​

Katia Bonello - Project Manager Cyber Security Programme, MITA​

Anna Papa Intern (Erasmus +)​

Anamaria Magri Pantea Managing Consultant​

Elizabeth Olivieri Project Manager, MITA

Dr Michelle Gialanze President at Women Directors in Malta​

Angele Giuliano Entrepreneur Across Limits​

Claudia Borg and Vanessa Camilleri Lecturers at the University of Malta​

Maria Mercieca - Services Clerk, FITA