FLUIDOS (Flexible, scaLable, secUre, and decentralIseD Operating System) project aims to leverage the enormous, unused processing capacity at the edge, scattered across heterogeneous edge devices that struggle to integrate with each other and to coherently form a seamless computing continuumFLUIDOS is looking for for experts to serve as SME evaluators for projects in the field of Edge computing.

The evaluators will assume the responsibility of providing a neutral and rigorous scientific and/or business assessment of FLUIDOS’ open call applications. They will have the unique opportunity to influence and shape the the landscape of EU innovation and bolster EU competitiveness by playing a pivotal role in selecting tomorrow’s unicorn ventures.


  • Proven expertise in the digital sector, in particular related to field of edge computing
  • To be eligible for consideration, applicants must hold citizenship in the EU Member States, countries associated with the Horizon Europe program, Switzerland, the United States, or Canada.
  • Individuals who are not citizens of these countries but are residents or taxpayers in one of these nations are also eligible to become evaluators.


  • Evaluators undertaking this role will receive compensation of €350 for each proposal evaluated
  • There is no upwards limit on the number of proposals that could be evaluated
  • Selected evaluators, if willing, will be featured in a dedicated section the FLUIDOS website, providing a platform to highlight their remarkable accomplishments and expertise.

Regarding the indicative timeline, FLUIDOS will run its first Open Call from December 2023 to February 2024. For more information on the additional eligibility criteria for this call and the procedural requirements for the application, please follow this link.

Deadline to apply: 7 December 2023 17:00 CET, Brussels time.