1. Scope
The scope of the GEP is to give details on the Gender Equality Plan followed in eSkills Malta Foundation. The following information explains the Adopted measures and the strategy followed at eSkills Malta Foundation.

2. Adopted Measures
This section focuses on the overview of the measures adopted at eSkills Malta Foundation to ensure Gender Equality in all the relevant operations.

2.1 Strategy, mission and values
The eSkills Malta Foundation believe in progressiveness, equality, independence and trust. In all operations of the foundation, we strive to ensure equal rights and status for women, men and all people whose gender is registered as neutral. This policy applies operations with our stakeholders, employees, administrative members and collaborating partners.
The foundation’s board members and employees ensure to follow up on the Gender Equality Plan and ensure all employees, are educated on gender neural and equal rights affairs. eSkills Malta Foundation is also taking care of Equal pay policies and gender-neutral internal appraisal processes.  We also ensure that all promotional material from the foundation is gender-neutral.  The Foundation also strives to include courses that are gender-neutral and organises specific courses directed to girls and women with the objective of increasing the participation of women in ICT and the acquisition of digital skills.

2.2 Data Collection & Analysis
Care is also taken so that Data collected by eSkills Malta Foundation from stakeholders, employees, and partners is gender-neutral.  Should any data collected include gender-specific information, care is taken to use this only for gender equality analysis and taking corresponding measures and actions.

2.2 Equality in access to employment & Prevention of the practice harassment at work
When advertising positions and hiring employees, care is always be taken to contribute to gender balance in the respective working group. Each advertised position is open to all genders.
Every effort shall be made to provide equal conditions and opportunities for employees at eSkills Malta Foundation to create an environment where all genders can flourish. Bullying, violence, gender-based and sexual harassment and gender-based and sexual violence are never tolerated.

2.3  Work-Life balance
Where possible, care is taken at eSkills Malta Foundation to maintain certain flexibility and work-life balance of employees. The policies for the working conditions at eSkills Malta Foundation facilities are those implemented by the Maltese Government. These conditions preserve the integrity, flexibility, and fairness to all men and women.
We continuously seek to promote a culture that attracts and enhances talent, which stimulates personal and professional development, which focuses on flexibility, recognizes and rewards excellence and merit, which values individuality, and which can establish productivity for all.