SIED is a programme of NTT DATA FOUNDATION and Botín Foundation designed to enhance initiatives that contribute to reducing the digital divide. It is aimed at non-profit foundations or associations.

The aim is to jointly design and implement solutions that develop digital skills, prevent school desertification, provide tools to improve the employability of vulnerable groups, and boost the use of information technologies to improve the quality of life.

What is it?

It is a 100 % online programme where participants will create synergies and uniforms to generate more viable, more sustainable and more socially impactful projects. They will receive workshops and mentoring from social innovation experts, led by NTT DATA FOUNDATION and Botín Foundation, through collaborative and lean start up methodologies for the design of their projects.

The programme includes:

  1. Team of trainers who are experts in social innovation methodologies and mentors to provide personalised support for projects emerging in the process.
  2. Access to a work ecosystem and network of contacts.
  3. Online webinars in Assembly format for follow-up, questions and questions.
  4. Visibility of the entity and the project.
  5. Training in pill format for participants to acquire methodology tools (social innovation, collaborative innovation and lean start up).

The selected projects will receive EUR 8,000 of seed capital and continuous support from a team of multidisciplinary experts for the implementation of the project.

What is being sought?

Innovative initiatives by non-profit organisations promoting the use of technologies in education, to reduce the digital divide and boost growth in Latin America. Initiatives aimed at:
  • Bridging the digital divide: Propose new ways to give digital tools to all sectors of society.
  • Reducing early school leaving: Motivate young people to continue studying, through more participatory and flexible models based on interaction, autonomy and the development of practical digital skills.
  • Fostering innovation in education: Propose new educational methodologies, involving the family, educational institutions and the community.
  • Promoting digital training for teachers: These include ways to involve teachers, so that they are the first to steer digitalisation. Integrate new ways of teaching that really motivate.

What kind of initiatives do we look for?

Who can participate?

Foundations, associations or non-profit making from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain (with presence in LATAM), Mexico or Peru.