Digidelcenter in Härnösand municipality is an important part in driving development forward around digitization in the city. It offers good digital services that can simplify access to services throughout the municipality.

The main objectives are to contribute to reaching national and municipal goals aimed at a higher degree of digital use. Moreover, Digidelcenter aims at increasing the digital ability of the municipality’s citizens to be able to better use various digital services and to reduce digital exclusion both among Swedes and new arrivals to our country.

Get to know the initiative

Digidelcenter is situated in the public library. It is a place for free digital learning based on the citizens’ own needs and where they can get help with digital services. They offer an open, accessible and free space and service in the same way that all other services in the library are free for users. The support is designed so that it enables all individuals to develop their digital skills so that they can use content and services on the Internet.

The service is available to the public six out of seven days a week, including evenings. The platform is unique as it displays technology used in municipal care before is needed. Digidelcenter enables those who cannot afford it themselves to gain knowledge on how to use a 3D printer, drones and other technology, and to find ways to do it on their own.

Users have access to computers, tablets, 3D printers and a studio with pod equipment, musical instruments, editing software, and access to various digital media and databases. At Digidelcenter they believe in emphasizing the possibility of creativity and producing new values with the digital tools. To do that, they need to connect these tools to the individual’s own interests, abilities and needs.

Why is this a good practice?

Most Internet users in Sweden restrict their own use of the Internet in various ways, primarily to protect their privacy. Many also worry about being scammed online, and others are limited by not understanding the technology. The innovation is that DigiIncCenter provides a way in for the collective competence around digitization in the municipality of Härnösand.

From Doblin’s model for innovation, both the municipality’s service offering and the user experience. Digidelcenter has been working on service user design and incorporating users’ opinions throughout the process, thus improving our courses and accessibility to us in terms of usability.