Digital Careers school visits

Background and aims
Why is this a good practice?

The school visits target children at ages where they are both able to comprehend the topic of the discussion and still have time to choose the relevant subject that will lead them to a career in digital. In addition, the talks are specifically designed to persuade the children to pursue a career in digital by outlining the key benefits of doing so and offering real-world examples of employment. In order to demonstrate that digital does not only refer to coding, details are presented on roles with a variety in the level of numerical competencies that would be necessary.

Good practice details

eSkills Malta Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education organised school visits for students who are completing their compulsory education. During the school visits eSkills Malta Foundation personnel delivered talks designed to outline the major milestones that students must make before joining the workforce in the digital industry. The talks gave a persuasive justification for choosing a digital career, by providing an overview of both established and developing digital industries, including eCommerce, robots, distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, and more. This is meant to direct the students towards the appropriate academic fields so they can complete the necessary specialisation and enter the field they are most interested in. The specifics of potential occupations and the varying levels of numerical literacy were provided. Examples of roles were given such as Developer ICT Security Specialist, Project Manager as well as matching examples of qualifications that should be perused for any given role.

Additionally, part of the talk also emphasised to the students the importance of attaining skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication in addition to formal studies pertinent to the field.

The visits spanned over the scholastic year, and fifteen such talks were delivered to different government schools in Malta.

Recent Good Practice

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