The Politécnico de Santarem organised a course, not conferring a degree, in Digital Literacy for the Labour Market for people with a disability level equal or above 60% in Portugal.

This course is based on the first inclusive education model in higher education for intellectual limitations and promotes the development of digital skills in vulnerable groups. In particular, the course gains in importance in the light of the new Portuguese legislation that obliges companies with more than 75 employees to employ people with disabilities.

The goals of the Digital literacy course are:

  • Increase the digital competence (ICT) for the population with a level of disability of 60% or more in Portugal;
  • Improve the use of digital services and tools;
  • Promote digital skills (ICT) that increase employability and partial independence.
  • Educate potential employers and mentors in networking, so they can establish links and lasting support for young people in the workplace;
  • Establish partnerships with entrepreneurial companies that focus on creating inclusive jobs;
  • Promote interaction between the business community and educational and research institutions.

Outcomes of the first edition of the course

The edition of the course already completed had 11 students, who all completed the course successfully.  Six of them already joined the labor market in companies such as Deloitte, Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, El Corte Inglês, Vida com Vida Association and CTT Bank.