Girls in ICT talks in schools by eSkills Malta Foundation

In the upcoming academic year, eSkills Malta Foundation is poised to embark on a noteworthy initiative, aiming to expand its footprint in secondary schools through a series of targeted talks on ICT careers, specifically tailored for young girls. Recognizing the pivotal role that representation and mentorship play in shaping career aspirations, the Foundation is committed to bringing accomplished women in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) into the spotlight. The overarching goal is to provide secondary-school-aged girls with a firsthand look at the diverse and rewarding opportunities that await them in the realm of ICT.

The Foundation firmly believes that exposing young girls to the stories of successful women in ICT is paramount. By showcasing the journeys of these accomplished professionals, the initiative seeks to instill a sense of empowerment, motivation, and self-assurance in the younger generation. The notion that their aspirations are not only valid but also attainable can serve as a catalyst, propelling young women to set ambitious goals in their ICT careers and pursue their genuine interests with unwavering determination.

Integral to the success of this significant initiative is the active participation of the Foundation’s Women in ICT focus group. Drawing from their personal experiences and notable achievements in the ICT field, members of this focus group will serve as living examples for the young girls, illuminating the myriad possibilities that lie ahead on their potential career paths. Each narrative shared becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the way forward and inspiring confidence in the abilities and potential of the next generation.

eSkills Malta Foundation places profound importance on encouraging young women to consider and actively participate in the ICT industry. The belief in the transformative power of representation underscores the urgency of this initiative. Your participation, whether as a speaker, mentor, or supporter, is viewed as a critical step towards realizing the Foundation’s vision of fostering a diverse and inclusive ICT landscape.

The Foundation is unwavering in its conviction that these targeted talks will be invaluable in shaping the aspirations of the next generation of women in ICT. By creating a platform for dialogue, mentorship, and shared experiences, the initiative aspires to break down barriers, dispel myths, and open up a world of possibilities for young girls considering a future in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of information and communication technology. Together, we can inspire, empower, and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the ICT industry.