ICT Talks for Year 7

Skills Malta Foundation in collaboration with the National School Support Services will be organising this event aimed at Year 7 female students to be part of our upcoming ICT Talks series. This initiative is crafted with enthusiasm and aims to delve into the significance of girls in the ICT landscape, inspiring young minds to explore the dynamic and exhilarating opportunities within this field.
In the contemporary world, technology stands as a cornerstone influencing nearly every facet of our daily lives. Despite its ubiquity, a noticeable gender gap persists within the tech industry. It is imperative that we address this disparity and empower young girls to envision and pursue fulfilling careers in ICT.
Participation in these talks promises a myriad of benefits for your students, fostering both personal and professional growth. By engaging in these sessions, your students will:
Gain Valuable Insights: The ICT Talks series serves as a gateway for your students to gain invaluable insights into the expansive world of ICT and its diverse career opportunities. The talks will unravel the layers of this ever-evolving field, providing a comprehensive understanding of the roles and possibilities that await them.
Interact with Pioneer Women: An integral component of these talks is the opportunity for your students to interact with successful women who have carved their paths in the ICT domain. These accomplished individuals will share their personal journeys and experiences, offering a firsthand account of the challenges they faced and the triumphs they celebrated. This interaction aims to inspire and impart a sense of possibility for the aspiring young minds in attendance.
Discover ICT as a Catalyst for Change: The ICT landscape is not just about technological advancements; it is also a powerful force for positive change and innovation in our society. Through these talks, your students will discover how ICT can be harnessed as a catalyst for positive transformation. Understanding the societal impact of their potential contributions can ignite a passion for using technology to make a difference in the world.
Receive Guidance for Success: Navigating the terrain of ICT studies and careers can be challenging, especially for young learners. These talks will provide valuable guidance on overcoming challenges and thriving in ICT-related studies and careers. Equipped with insights from accomplished professionals, your students will be better prepared to navigate the complexities of the field and emerge as confident and capable individuals.
In essence, the ICT Talks series is not just an event; it is a transformative experience designed to shape the aspirations and perspectives of young girls in Year 7. By actively participating in these talks, your students will be taking a significant step towards breaking gender barriers in the tech industry and contributing to a more inclusive and diverse future.
We look forward to welcoming these Year 7 female students to this enriching series of discussions, where they will be inspired, empowered, and equipped to embrace the exciting possibilities that ICT has to offer. Together, let’s pave the way for a future where every girl feels confident and capable of making her mark in the world of technology.

Event Details:
– Date: Second or third term in 2024
– Time: [TBA]– Location: [TBA]– Maximum Attendees per Session: 20