The Innovative Schools and Teacher Core Programme is an annual recurrent programme for primary and secondary schools. It aims to help schools gain a better understanding of their needs, for the use of digital technologies to support teaching and learning, and to develop their own digital action plan, addressing the identified needs.
Each school participating in the Programme is invited to undertake a self-reflection process on the use of digital technologies at school and teachers’ digital competence through SELFIE and SELFIE for Teachers, respectively. It is then invited to use the SELIFE PTK toolkit to interpret the results from SELFIE, define priorities for digital education and develop, implement and evaluate an action plan based on SELFIE. This process should contribute to the development of the digital competence of the school.
In order to develop an effective Digital Action Plan and successfully implement it, the active involvement of the Directorate and a group of teachers in the school is important. Within the framework of this programme, a number of teachers are designated by the Directorate of the school unit as teaching centres. The role of Teachers is to act as supporters and multipliers of the school’s effort to exploit and integrate digital technologies into the learning process. To support this effort, online meetings are held between the teachers of the schools participating in the Programme, with the aim of creating learning communities and developing a culture of sharing good practice. At the same time, educational centres receive continuous training through professional development programmes by advisers and associates of the Pedagogical Institute.
Schools and teachers participating in the Programme who successfully complete their obligations shall be certified accordingly.
More information on the Programme, the SELFIE self-reflection tool and the SELFIE PTK toolkit can be found on the Programme’s website at