The Blue Ant Code – Spain

Context Learning to program at an early age is a vehicle for the development of 21st century cognitive and digital […]

Girls own STEM!

Girls Own STEM!Project Bioteka brings together girls aged 14-18, who attend a three-year or four-year secondary school anywhere in Croatia […]

International Girls in ICT Webinar

The shortage of women in ICT remains a major problem not only in the European Union, but also in Slovenia, […]

TEST Rails Girls: Two-day coding workshop for women | Bulgaria

Rails Girls is a two-day free workshop that targets women with little to no experience in the field of programming […]

Digital Week 2023 events in Liepāja

The annual campaign “Digital Week 2023” will take place in Latvia from April 24 to 28. A wide programme of […]

So the IoT World contributes to economic, ecological and social sustainable development – Sweden

Background to the project The project, led by Linköpings Science Park in cooperation with RISE and the region Östergötland, aimed […]

Junta Andalucía – Integrated Curriculum for Cloud Computing

‘Junta Andalucía’ is a training programme that is currently running in the Spanish region of Andalusia, and a product of the […]

Digital Rural Society

Are you a member of the Rural Society Association? Look no further! As early as October 2022 (2022), free digital […]

Information Technology Championship Centre

About the project The project “Information Championship Centre” is co-funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund […]