Digital literacy course for people with intellectual and developmental disability – Portugal

  The Politécnico de Santarem organised a course, not conferring a degree, in Digital Literacy for the Labour Market for people with […]
Good Practice - Skola Sajf

SkolaSajf – Malta

SkolaSajf stands as a beacon of opportunity for children aged three to sixteen, offering a rich tapestry of cultural, artistic, […]

Creative Communities for Digital Inclusion (CCDI) – Portugal

Creative Communities for Digital Inclusion (CCDI) is an approach to promote digital inclusion, responding to the needs of people and […]
Discover your dream job in digital

Discover your dream job in digital

About the campaign “Discover your dream job in digital” is the new joint campaign of the Digital Skills and Job Platform […]

Austria – Career Guidance Platform

More than 24.000 IT specialists are lacking in Austria, and Europe-wide there will be a shortage of an additional 11 […]

Counselling, training, & certification in ICT for unemployed young people in Greece

Behind the programme is SEPE, the Association of Information Technology & Communications Enterprises of Greece, also a member of the Greek […]

Digital Pioneers – Austria

Within the framework of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), the scoreboard “Women in Digital” 2021 shows that there […]

Digital Competence Initiative in Estonia

The Estonian national curriculum pays emphasis to the development of digital competences. It is one of the 8 key competences […]
Digital Careers school visits

Digital Careers School Visits

Origin and ObjectivesThe initiative in question revolves around strategically targeting school visits to children at an age where they possess […]