The “SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit” or simply “SELFIE PTK” toolkit is a comprehensive package designed as part of the European Project SHERPA to help schools gain a better understanding of their digital competence needs stemming from their reflection through the SELFIE tool and, on that basis, to develop their own digitally innovative action plan addressing the identified needs.
Schools use tools such as SELFIE to have a clearer picture of the view of the members of the learning community on digital education at school, i.e. the extent to which stakeholders consider that digital technologies are embedded in the educational context of the school and how they feel about their own ability and ability to contribute. SELFIE gathers the results of this reflective process in a SELFIE report, a very rich source of information for each school. However, interpreting data to create a clearer understanding of the school’s digital education needs and priorities as well as the subsequent mapping of a detailed action plan based on this concept is not an easy process. This is why the SELFIE PTK toolkit has been created.
The role of the SELFIE PTK toolkit is to help schools interpret SELFIE results, define their digital education priorities, develop a SELFIE based Action Plan focusing on the priorities set by the school, implement the Action Plan and assess the process and outcome. This process will help the school to make better use of digital technologies for teaching and learning and contribute to the development of digital competence throughout the school’s learning community.
In a broader context, the SELFIE PTK toolkit seeks to encourage the exchange of know-how and experience in digital education, between different schools but also between educational communities. In addition, it is a practical tool for education authorities and stakeholders (at local, regional, national and European level), which can contribute to their efforts to implement more widely digital education policies in schools.
The SELFIE PTK toolkit has been created by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (PKI) and theItalian National Research Council Educational Technology Institute (CNR-ITD), as part of the European project SHERPA – SELFIE HELPER OF Pedagogical innovation Assistant.
The SELFIE PTK toolkit is available in six languages (English, Greek, Estonian, Italian, Finnish and Portuguese) and can be used either online or through a series of documents available, both in paper and electronic format, on the SELFIE PTK platform.