ICT Career Exposure Experience 2017-2018

Suggested time from 9am to 1pm.

Day 1

Welcome by HR and students meet Mentor

Overview of the week’s programme ​

Company tour

Overview of the company’s Products, Clients, departments/sections, etc.

Presentation of the Organisational structure, communication channels and teamwork.

Feedback session between Mentor and Students

Day 2

Start rotation across company departments, for ex: shadowing a receptionist to appreciate the various skills associated with customer care, proceed to sales, etc. (n.b. company to determine time to be spent by students within each section).

Another example: Shadowing a Developer possibly attending a meeting with a client to emphasize the need of good listening and understanding client needs and how client’s needs are communicated to the rest of the team. Explaining the process of what developing software entails.

Simulation. The students are given instructions and possible suggested ideas for which they need to make a plan for. The work plan will be discussed during the feedback session

Day 3

Shadowing a secretary to appreciate the need of clerical duties and ‘being organised’. Students can assist in some office work.

Shadowing another technical aspect, for ex, program testing (if applicable). What the procedures are when used to test a faulty program.

Simulation. The students are given a sequence similar to that of program which is faulty. The students need to offer solutions to this logic puzzle. Reasoning will be discussed during feedback session.

Day 4

Shadowing Accounts, Purchasing, Stores, Servicing/Maintenance and other departments. Students to learn about the other processes behind the end product/delivery of service.

The importance of soft skills such as good communication, leadership, etc. to be communicated to students.

Concepts of performance and quality also to be communicated to students

Day 5

Presentation skills.

Students will be asked to research the industry and the firm’s website. They are to prepare a presentation being on ppt (about 7 slides) or chart format about their experience. What they have learned about the firm and the industry in general.