Good-practice is a digital technology and skills portal aimed at educating Latvians about digital developments in Latvia and globally. is a technology news portal in Latvia, which was launched in February 2014. Bringing together a number of previous technology news projects, including, and, as well as blog The aim of the platform is to inform the Latvian public about technological and digital developments in the world and in Latvia. can find not only daily technology news, but also technological developments, interviews, and reliable overviews of devices and technologies. During the creation of the project, a variety of sector specialists were attracted to provide a diverse range of information on the portal. The platform focuses on current technological developments and its content can only be found in Latvian. On this platform, you can find out about the latest mobile devices, computers, software and other technology news themes, providing insights into technological developments in Latvia and globally.

Visitors to the platform are invited to express their views on technology and to engage in a debate on topical topics, which is why, alongside the website, there is also a technological community that brings together as new professionals in the sector. This virtual community, the main activity of which is under the Discord programme, facilitates discussions on technology and the development of their skills.

In parallel to this initiative, a podcast “ is not written to you” has also been created to look at developments in technology and skills. The podcast and the virtual community discuss various technology-related issues, giving readers and listeners the opportunity to get advice and share experiences with other enthusiasts in Latvia and abroad.

The portal also regularly publishes reviews of the latest technologies and different solutions. These reviews carry out independent observations and tests to compare, for example, mobile internet service speeds in different suppliers’ networks or comparison tests for electric cars. actively promotes public awareness of technological innovations and promotes the use of digital equipment and promotes the promotion of nature-friendly means of transport and the development of digital skills. A dedicated section on the portal is dedicated to promoting electric transport solutions and promoting citizens’ skills in the use of electric cars. was created as an objective source of technology vision, critically assessing the usefulness, functionality and user-friendliness of the technologies displayed. The portal has created a social community on channels such as Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This community has grown to more than 9 thousand active stakeholders, and it was only in the first nine months of 2023 that more than 400000 readers have visited the portal, showing the public relevance and popularity of these topics in Latvia.