Labour Force

Digital transformation is increasingly driving the need for business organisations to adapt themselves accordingly, embracing in the process the applicability of emerging technologies for their operations and for their service/product provisioning. As a result, the nature of work is changing, and digital skills are increasingly being regarded as crucial and fundamental for the Labour force. Employees need the appropriate digital skills to work with the technologies introduced and to keep up to date with the rapid digital advancements. The latter factor essentially necessitates flexibility and agility from the employees to gain the new skills required and adapt accordingly to the changing working environment and marketplace. They may have worked for an organisation for a number of years and may possess an in-depth understanding of the firm’s ethos and its customer base.

Hence effort is required to retain the employee base whilst adjusting the organisation accordingly to the new digital realities. On the other hand, the availability of a skilled Labour force may not largely meet the required demands, and formal and traditional modes of education may not necessarily suffice to meet the employer’s needs.