The Association “Industry 4.0 Austria – the Platform for Smart Production” was founded in 2015. In a broad alliance, important social, political, economic and scientific players are actively involved in shaping the future of production and work. The aim is to contribute to an increasing future prosperity for all people in Austria. The goal is to make the best possible use of new technological developments and innovations of digitization (Industry 4.0) for companies and employees equally and to shape the change in a socially acceptable way.

The Association sets activities to

  • ensure dynamic development of the Austrian manufacturing sector
  • promote research, innovation and qualification
  • contribute to a high-quality working environment and
  • a high level of employment.

Recent Organization

Grande Ecole du Numérique February 19, 2024
The Burning Glass Institute and SHRM February 16, 2024
Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy February 16, 2024
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki February 12, 2024
CONEDU February 12, 2024