In 2015, the association ‘Austrian Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing Platform’ was set up. In a broad alliance, major social, political, economic and scientific actors are actively involved in shaping the future of production and work.

The aim is to contribute to increasing future prosperity for the entire population of Austria.

The aim is to make the most of new technological developments and digitalisation innovations (industry 4.0) for businesses and employees to shape change in the same way and in a socially acceptable way.

The Association shall establish activities in order to:

  • ensure the dynamic development of the Austrian industry
  • support research, innovation and skills
  • contribute to a high-quality working environment; and
  • high level of employment.

Recent Organization

Nobel Courses September 26, 2023
Nvidia September 26, 2023
Omar Seguna September 25, 2023
Mandy Farrugia September 25, 2023
Data Science Malta September 25, 2023