Skills Intelligence Publication

Blockchain is a computing innovation that requires digital skills to leverage its potential benefits and the CHAISE project aims to develop a strategy and curriculum to teach people about blockchain. The project is developing a comprehensive curriculum to equip the European Blockchain workforce with  the technical, non-technical and cross-discipline skills required to handle the different technical, business, and transversal aspects across the blockchain business value chain. 

This latest report comprises statements of what the learners should know, understand, and be able to do upon completing the CHAISE blockchain course, which will respond to current workplace requirements. In particular, it contains:

A study on blockchain labour market characteristics that describes the blockchain labour market  in terms of its ecosystem, size, the number and features of blockchain companies and job vacancies

A study on blockchain skills demand mapping technical, non-technical, and transversal skills that Blockchain professionals need to deploy and commercialize Blockchain applications and solutions effectively.

A study on blockchain skill supply that documents and analyses the profile of people (or graduates) aspiring to work in the Blockchain sector.

A registry of blockchain educational and training offerings presenting the courses on offer on Blockchain skills.

A registry of blockchain online job vacancies reporting a snapshot of the Blockchain job vacancies in the European Union.

• A study on skills mismatches in the European blockchain sector, where the existing skills mismatches between workforce available skills (supply) and in-demand Blockchain skills (demand) are defined

The report also highlights what learning outcomes are essential when developing learning modules for future blockchain specialists, specifically blockchain architects, developers, and managers.