National Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy for Malta

At a glance, the National Cybersecurity Strategy has several objectives with timely, specific and actionable measures, aimed at: Strengthening protection […]

Denmark – National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-2024

The National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-2024 was adopted by the Danish Government on December 2021. The Strategy […]

Spain – SME Digitalisation Plan

The digital transformation of SMEs is a process of innovation and change in business organisations resulting from the integration of […]

Slovenia – Digital transformation strategy for the economy

Slovenia’s future depends to a large extent on how well our companies, employees, public administration and society will adapt to […]

Slovenia – PURITY: National programme to promote the development and use of AI by 2025

Various AI technologies are increasingly penetrating into all types of products and services, creating a complex societal technical system that […]

Romania – Strategic initiative for Digitization of Education SMART-Edu 2021-2027

The Strategic Initiative for Digitization of Education in Romania SMART-Edu 2021-2027  was developed and went into the public consultation stage […]

Slovenia – Strategy of digital transformation of the economy

The Strategy of digital transformation of economy was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on January 2022. […]
Malta AI Strategy

Malta Diġitali

By drawing on society, business and public administration experiences gathered from a comprehensive consultation process, Malta Diġitali offers a vision […]
National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025

National eSkills Strategy 2022-2025

Digital skills and their availability, now and in the future, are key to effectively bringing about digital transformation on a […]