The Estonian Digital Agenda 2030 was adopted by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia in 2021. It includes a vision and an action plan concerning the development of the Estonian economy, state and society with the help of digital technology in the next decade.

When implementing the vision, it is important to consistently follow the principles highlighted in the development plan with regard to all of the sub-objectives:

  • Digital government
  • Connectivity
  • Cyber security
  • Expectations in connection with other development plans

Based on the vision, the general objective for the next decade in terms of the development of digital society is to increase Estonia’s digital power: digital government guarantees the best experience, high-speed Internet is available to all those who request it in Estonia and cyberspace is safe and reliable. 

In order to implement the vision of digital society 2030, this development plan needs to be supplemented in other policy fields in a number of ways. Expectations concerning digital competence development in connection with the content and direction of other policy measures:

  • The availability of a sufficient number of ICT specialists with an adequate level, including cyber specialists, is of critical importance.
  • In order to take the wider digital transformation in the economy and public administration to the next level of digital maturity, it is important to launch widespread reskilling and upskilling initiatives in connection with digital skills.
  • The need to address the wider digital literacy of the population persists.
  • Within the field of research and development activities, investments have to be made in increasing the capacity of research and development related to the development of digital society.

The implementation of the vision of digital society also depends on a number of other areas and policies covered by other development plans. Therefore, this development plan also separately formulates expectations for other policy areas.