The Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation 2020-2023 was adopted by the Ministry of Finance in 2020. The Programme aim is to increase the technological and digitalisation capabilities of the public sector and promote cooperation between the public and private sectors. 

The Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation was put together to implement the objective stated in the Government Programme. The digitalisation programme supported and encouraged public authorities to make their services available digitally to citizens and businesses by 2023.

The main objectives of the program:

  • High-quality digital public services will be available to citizens and businesses in accordance with, as a minimum, the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. 
  • The use of in-person and paper-based services by business operators will have reduced significantly, and a number of digital-only business services will be available.
  • Digital user support services will be available throughout the country, observing the needs of business operators.

To be continue…