The Digital Strategy for Education 2023-2027 was adopted by France’s Minister of National Education and Youth in January 2023. The aim of the Strategy is to strengthen students’ digital skills and accelerate the use of digital tools for their success.

The main objectives defined for the 4-year period are:

  • An ecosystem committed to a shared public policy.
  • Digital education that develops citizenship and digital skills.
  • An educational community supported by a reasoned, sustainable and inclusive digital offer.
  • New rules of the game for a departmental information system at the service of its users.

Priority areas of the digital competencies development: 

  • Ensure the acquisition of digital skills throughout the school career.
  • Enable students to become informed citizens in the digital age.
  • Support the development of digital commons, i.e. shared and collective resources.
  • Simplify access to digital services by creating a “resource account”.
  • Support the development of digital commons, i.e. shared and collective resources.
  • Better train educational teams in digital pedagogy.
  • Supporting teachers in digital education.

Expected results are:

  • Created an impetus to strengthen the cooperation of the actors of the educational and digital ecosystem.
  • Developed digital citizenship education, critical thinking and media and information literacy for students.
  • Provide teachers with a clear offer of educational digital tools and resources, simple and adapted, supporting pedagogical freedom and educational innovation.
  • Supported and strengthened the security, resilience and reliability of the departmental data and information system.

The main beneficiaries of the Digital Strategy for Education 2023-2027 are students, their parents, teachers, management teams and all educational institutions in general.