Spain Digital Strategy

Spain – Digital Spain Agenda 2026

The Digital Spain Agenda 2026 was adopted by the Spanish government in 2020. Aims to drive digital transformation, improving competitiveness, economic growth and […]

Finland – Programme for the promotion of digitalisation 2020-2023

The Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation 2020-2023 was adopted by the Ministry of Finance in 2020. The Programme aim is […]

Estonia – Estonian Digital Agenda 2030

The Estonian Digital Agenda 2030 was adopted by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia in 2021. It includes a vision […]

France – Digital Strategy for Education 2023-2027

The Digital Strategy for Education 2023-2027 was adopted by France’s Minister of National Education and Youth in January 2023. The […]

France – National Strategy for AI

National Strategy for AI was adopted by the President of the Republic in november 2021 as part of the “France 2030” […]
National Strategy for Digitisation

Denmark – National Strategy for Digitalization 2022-2026

The National Strategy for Digitalization 2022-2026 was adopted by the Danish Government in May 2022. With the Strategy, the Government is following up […]

Slovakia – Digital Transformation Strategy for 2030

Slovakia’s 2030 Digital Transition Strategy is a cross-cutting public administration strategy – a framework that defines Slovakia’s policy priorities in […]

Action Plan 2023-2026

The Action Plan is a detailed plan outlining the actions and actions needed to achieve one or more objectives. For […]

Croatia – Digital Croatia Strategy for the period until 2032

The Digital Croatia Strategy for the period until 2032 was adopted by the national Parliament in December 2022. Aim of the […]