The National Digitalisation Strategy for the School System in Sweden is an integral part of the national digitalisation strategy, focusing on aspects related to the education sector.

The main objective of the Swedish strategy is to create further opportunities for digitalisation, to achieve a high level of digital skills (especially for children, students and young people) and to promote the development of knowledge, equal opportunities and access to technology. The national digitalisation strategy for the school system in Sweden is based on 3 focus areas each accompanied by a set of milestones.

Digital literacy for everyone

All children and students need to develop appropriate digital skills: 

  • Children and pupils in primary and secondary education should be given the necessary conditions to develop digital skills.
  • Pre-school leaders, head teachers and school leaders must have the ability to strategically lead digital development in their organisations.
  • Staff working with children and students must be competent to identify, select and use digital tools in education.

Equal access and use

Children, students and staff must have good and equal access to digital tools and resources to improve educational activities.

  • Children, students and staff must have access to relevant digital tools based on their needs and adapted to their conditions.
  • Appropriate infrastructure and technical and pedagogical support must be in place.
  • The digital learning resources used in teaching must be appropriate and technology opportunities should be used efficiently.
  • Staff training and administrative work should be available in digital format to contribute to policy analysis and implementation.

Research and Follow-up on the Opportunities of Digitalisation

  • Research into the impact of digitalisation on teaching and learning should be strengthened and supported.
  • The follow-up of digitalisation in the school system will be implemented and support the development of future activities and initiatives.

The full text of the strategy is available in Swedish.