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eSkills Malta Foundation, since its inception, has encouraged the Industry Sector, as well as employees and citizens, to seek further learning to increase their digital skills. In particular, the tech sector is encouraged to become closer to industry needs through Industry Certifications.

The Foundation has been working with AWS to implement a sponsored local initiative to bring Malta various ‘Cloud’ certifications from the World leader on the subject. Since its inception, the eSkills Malta Foundation has been at the core in the contribution towards the increase of digital skills and the development of the ICT profession. Individuals looking for job opportunities, in particular school leavers, must have the relevant in-demand industry skills to compete in the marketplace.

A golden opportunity to equip yourself with the tech certifications which have been declared the world’s most in-demand for three consecutive years.

Amazon Cloud Courses

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Recent Training offer

Coding and Creativity September 26, 2023
NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute September 26, 2023
Cryptography September 25, 2023
EU CodeWeek 2023 September 25, 2023
Introduction to Low Level Programming in C September 25, 2023