Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Basic Digital Skills


Course Name

Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Basic Digital Skills

Training Provider

The Foundation for Global Human Dignity

Target Group / Theme

Maltese Society: Youths, Adults, and the Elderly / Upskilling Citizens with basic online tools

Course dates

September 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28 and October 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, from 4:00 – 5:30pm.


Community hall of St. Joseph Parish Church, Misrah Arcisqof Gonzi, Kalkara, KKR 1511



Course Content

Session 1: Getting Started with Smartphones
Using the touch screen, navigating the phone interface. Making and receiving calls, sending messages, and managing contacts.

Session 2: Photos and videos
Taking photos and videos with the phone’s cameras. Managing and editing media files on the smartphone.

Session 3: Exploring Internet Browsing
Connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Navigating websites and conducting online searches in a browser. Searching the internet for information.

Session 4: Communicating Online
Installing and setting up an online communication app. Messaging and making free audio and video calls.

Session 5: Using email
Setting up a Google account; sending and receiving emails in Gmail.

Session 6: Time Management
Using calendar apps for time management. Creating individual and recurring events, setting up reminders, sending invites, and replying to VSOP.

Session 7: Navigation
Using Google Maps as a navigation tool. Finding places, getting directions, and sharing locations.

Session 8: Social Media Basics
Introduction to a popular social media platform. Creating and managing an account. Posting and commenting. Understanding privacy settings and the ethics of online communication.

Session 9: Cloud Services
Using cloud storage services for backup and sharing files.

Session 10: Responsible use of the Internet
Using privacy settings to protect data. Ethics of online communication. Website credibility and fact-checking.

Session 11: Internet safety
Identifying common online threats and scams related to online communication and social media.
Password strength and password Managers.

Session 12: Recap and Graduation
Review of key topics, Q&A session, certificate presentation.

Delivery Method

In-Person (Physical)

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