Digital Tools for Effective training


Course Name

Digital Tools for Effective Teaching

Training Provider

Keith Aquilina

Target Group / Theme

Teachers in Education, Upskilling Teachers

Course dates

18, 19, 20 th September 2023 16:30 – 18:00



Course Content

This course is designed to help educators increase their proficiency in using digital tools, including Artificial Intelligence, for teaching. The course will cover topics such as using AI-powered tools to personalise learning, incorporating digital tools in lesson planning, leveraging data-driven insights to improve teaching practices and engaging students through interactive digital content.

Course Topics:
• Introduction to digital tools and their benefit in teaching and learning
• Overview of AI-powered tools and their potential applications in education
• Personalising learning using AI-powered tools
• Incorporating digital tools in lesson planning and delivery
• Leveraging data-driven insights to improve teaching practices
• Creating interactive digital content to engage students
• Best practices for integrating digital tools into teaching and learning

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