Training opportunities

In Europe, the SME (small and medium enterprises) sector is facing a significant knowledge gap related to Digital Transformation trends – particularly when it comes to data policies and data interoperability. Data interoperability (the functionality of information systems to exchange data and to enable sharing of information) is a cross-cutting issue and a key capacity area of the Digital Europe Programme.

Upskilling and reskilling Europe’s SMEs

In order to address these gaps, the DIS4SME (Data Interoperability Skills for SMEs) project is working to help SME owners, managers and employees across Europe develop their skills in order to ensure that data interoperability is placed at the core of their strategy for their Digital Transformation.

Launched in January 2023, the project will produce short-term training courses on data interoperability. These trainings will be applied to real-world situations and will respond to gaps and needs of SMEs across Europe. DIS4SME recently launched a short survey in order to identify these needs.

Data Interoperability Courses

To help SMEs acquire the necessarily skills, a consortium of project partners are developing courses responding to the challenges European SMEs are facing in relation to the interoperability of location data. The project will develop three types of courses which will be delivered both in person and online:

  • Short-term courses, tailored to SME business owners and managers,
  • Short-term courses, tailored to SME employees and job seekers as well,
  • Intensive seminars and workshops to debate on specific Business Cases

The DIS4SME’s training material will be available to download for free and will be self-paced. The Data Interoperability Courses and training materials will be coming soon, visit the website to stay up to date with developments!