Hedy textual programming
Textual programming made easy!
Many schools and teachers around the world want to teach their students programming. Initially this is often done with playful tools, ranging from the Beebot robot to Scratch Junior or Scratch. After using such tools, kids often want to move to more powerful, textual programming languages, like Python.
Python however is hard, because it is only available in English, and requires learners to learn complex programming concepts and syntax at once. Hedy is the easy way to get started with textual programming languages! Hedy is free to use, open source, and unlike any other textual programming language in three ways.

  1. Hedy is multi-lingual, you can use Hedy in your own language
  2. Hedy is gradual, so you can learn one concept and its syntax a time
  3. Hedy is built for the classroom, allowing teachers to fully customize their student’s experience

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