Introduction to AI


Course Name

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Training Provider

HumAin Ltd

Target Group / Theme

Maltese Society: Youths, Adults, and the Elderly / Emerging Technology for Citizens

Course dates

31st October, 24th November 2023, from 08:00 – 2:00 pm at Rabat Primary School.



Course Content

Topic 1 A gentle introduction to AI (What is AI? Subfields of AI? Simple examples)
Topic 2 History of AI (Major milestones of different decades, AI winters)
Topic 3 Applications of AI (Education, Retail, NLP, Computer Vision, Health, Democracy, Transportation, Robotics)
Topic 4 Emerging Technologies
Topic 5 Search Problems (Basics of Searching, Planning, Examples)
Topic 6 Machines that Learn (Classification, Machine Learning, Decision Trees)
Topic 7 Learning like Humans (Reinforcement Learning)
Topic 8 Creative AI (Machines used in Art)
Topic 9 Hands-on (AI demos)
Topic 10 Future of AI (AGI, Singularity, Quantum Computing, Challenges)

Delivery Method


Registration link will be available nearer to the date

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