Introduction to IoT

Course Name

Introduction to Internet of Things

Target Group / Theme

Specifically Girls (12+ years) and Women

Course dates

• 4 sessions (2 Self-Learning + 2 Workshop sessions with break out activities for group work)

• Dates for Workshops; 17th & 19th May 2022, 6th & 8th June 2022.

Course Content

Ae/CFQ/2022/|IoT Internet of Things (IoT) – This course explains the basics of IoT technology. IoT, is a collection of interrelated computing devices, mechanical or digita​l machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. IoT systems are widely in use these days to assist people in numerous tasks. The real life examples and applications of IoT are included in the discussions for the participants. Different types of wearable IoT devices are also included in the course. Details of certain platforms that are used in the development of IoT applications are also included in the topics for enhancing knowledge of the participants. At the end of the course users will be able to gain basic knowledge on the IoT technology, underlying applications, components of an IoT system and the software aspects of IoT Technology.​

Delivery Method