Introduction to Scratch Programming

Course Name

Introduction to Scratch Programming

Training Provider

Data Science Malta

Course dates

7th October 09:00 – 11:00



Course description

The “Introduction to Scratch Programming” session is designed to introduce young learners (ages 8-12) to the exciting world of coding through Scratch, a beginner-friendly visual programming language.

In this interactive and engaging session, participants will embark on a creative journey to understand the fundamental concepts of coding and computational thinking. During the session, students will explore the Scratch platform, where they can create and customize their interactive stories, animations, and games. The workshop will be facilitated by experienced instructors who will guide the participants step-by-step through the process of building their projects.

Key Learning Objectives:

Introduction to Scratch: Familiarizing participants with the Scratch environment, its user interface, and basic functionalities.

• Sequencing and Looping: Understanding the concept of sequencing and loops to create repetitive actions in their projects.

• Sprite and Background Customization: Exploring the different sprites and backgrounds available and how to customize them to make their creations unique.

• Event Handling: Learning how to use event blocks to trigger actions and responses within their projects.

• Interactive Storytelling: Creating interactive stories with dialogue and character movements using conditional statements.

• Game Development: Understanding the basics of game design and implementing game mechanics in their projects.

• Sharing and Showcasing: Encouraging participants to share their completed projects with peers, fostering a sense of accomplishment and collaboration.

By the end of this session, participants will have gained foundational coding skills and developed a basic understanding of computational concepts, paving the way for further exploration and creativity in the world of coding and technology. The “Introduction to Scratch Programming” session promises to be an enjoyable and educational experience, nurturing the participants’ interest in coding and inspiring them to continue their coding journey.

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