Modern software development using microservices

Course Name

Modern Software Development using Microservices

Target Group / Theme

ICT Professionals and Practitioners

Course dates

6, 13, 20, 27, September

4, 11 October

Course Content
The course aims to equip upcoming software professionals with skills highly sought after in the industry. Our experience in helping top iGaming and Fintech companies find talent, has given us a unique insight into which technical skills are looked for. More than not these skills are commonly found lacking in the available local candidate pool.

The main content of the course, specifically designed to increase the attendees employability shall include:

– Introduction to Agile Development Processes, focusing on Scrum framework

– Designing your system using microservices

– Develop your first microservice

– Containerise your services using Docker

– Automate your integration using a Continuous Integration Pipeline

– Connecting microservices together to deliver complete systems

– Lear from leading Female Experts with an Industry Expert Panel

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