Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Training for ICT

A collaboration between the eSkills Malta Foundation and Toastmasters Malta

Do you feel Fear, Anxiety and frustration when you are preparing or delivering presentations?

Need to conduct important meetings successfully?

Need to optimise your presentation skills?

This is the time to enhance your communication skills!

Your career success often depends on how well you can express yourself. If you want to improve your performance in business meetings, job interviews, presentations, conversations, sales, and problem-solving situations… This workshop can help!

Conquer the fear and gain confidence in a supportive environment!

A 6-session communication skills online training series of 45 minutes, with each sitting consisting of 2 sessions, with a 10-minute break in between. Each sitting will last around 1:40 hours.

Scheduled Dates

Session 1 and 2 Thursday 30th November at 1000hrs.

Sessions 3 and 4 Thursday 7th December at 1000hrs

Sessions 5 and 6 Thursday 14th December at 1000hrs

Main Topics

Organising and structuring your speech

A guide to delivering empowering feedback.

Vocal Variety and Body Language

Connecting with your audience

Tips for creating/delivering an excellent presentation.

Impromptu Speaking