The Low Code Revolution


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The Low-Code Revolution

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Target Group / Theme

• Employees, executives or leaders of SMEs as part of the Workforce;
• Digital Transformation for SME Business Leaders; and
• ICT Professionals and Practitioners


• Emerging Technology for SME Employees; and
• Upskilling and reskilling of the Digital Sector with Transversal Skills

Course dates

14th November 0900-1100



Course Content

In today’s competitive and ever-evolving market, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on customised technology to deliver value and remain relevant within their respective industry. This brings about its own challenges in terms of a pressing IT project backlog, a lack of skilled technical resources, and a technology team being inundated with requests. The solution lies within low-code development. Using low-code platforms, businesses have the ability to build custom applications and automate processes within weeks. Low-code technology has the potential to result in the development of powerful applications at a speed which benefits the business whilst eliminating traditional IT bottlenecks.
The following topics will be covered during this session:
• Introduction to low-code solutions
• The impact of citizen development on digital transformation
• The benefits associated with low-code implementations/citizen development
• Use cases in relation to low-code solutions
• Demonstration of the design and implementation of low-code solutions

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