Women in Digital Events 2021

The eSkills Malta Foundation has been entrusted with a number of mandates relating to digital skills. One of the main national concerns is the participation of certain groups in society.​

The Foundation recognises that there is a need to broaden the range of coding or coding-related digital skills in Malta and increase the accessibility to such skills; increase the pool of persons with higher basic or advanced digital skills; develop a larger pool of persons that are better equipped for their future education or employment or to increase their quality of digital life through the use of coding, coding-related or basic or advanced digital skills and also educate and raise awareness on the importance of coding and digital skills for the use in their careers.

As per previous years, eSkills Malta Foundation contracted Training Providers for the setting up of training sessions/events or information session events to be held between September 2021 and December 2021​.

This is the list of Women in Digital Events for 2021.

Survey of Perceptions

Ascend Consulting
Survey of perceptions amongst students and educators on attractiveness and pursuit of digital careers by girls in Malta.
This proposed activity is following upon the 2020 Analysis of the Gender Gap in the Digital Sector in Malta, particularly by initiating two of the recommended actions in the Roadmap ahead, i.e. those referring to surveys of digital careers attractiveness amongst students and educators.

The Digital Office

Data Science Malta
The Digital Office
A course focusing on access to the skills required in today’s online virtual world, including, computer​ essentials, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and the use of databases.

Opportunities to enter remain and thrive in the Technology world

EY Connect Learning
Women in Tech: Opportunities to enter, remain and thrive in the technology world
Despite the increasing impact of technology on our daily lives, less than a third of the world’s technical workforce are women. ​​

Programming Basics with Python

ICE Malta
Programming Basics with Python
In this learning experience, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming through the Python programming language.​

Scratch Coding 2.0

KSD Solutions
Scratch Coding 2.0
Designed to be fun and engaging, the course blends online and non-computer activities to teach students coding constructs through the freely available Scratch environment.​

Python for Data Analysis

Mario Mallia Milanes
Python for Data Analysis
This event comprises 4 sessions of getting to know Python. Variables, Loops, Functions, Data Structures and Object-oriented programming. ​​

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Nowadays you don’t have to be tech-savvy to meet the following buzzwords: Big Data, Deep Learning, Machine Learning or Robotic Process Automation. But do you know what they actually mean, and how they are making your daily life easier?​​

ECDL 4 Women

ECDL 4 Women​
ECDL STANDARD course is across 30 hours of Zoomed training covering all 7 modules. There will be 10 sessions of 3 hours duration. ​

Online Skills for Work and Life

Time to Learn
Online Skills for Work and Life
Basic Digital Skills including any of from the use of a tablet, digital communications tools, and common popular internet applications.​

Women in Digital Events 2021       Women in Digital Events 2021       Women in Digital Events 2021